Dr. Jau-Fei Chen

Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has spent her life dedicated to creating a world that is free from disease. As a young student, she became interested in biology and chemistry and this led to her earning her PhD at 26 in biochemistry and immunology from Brigham Young University. After earning her degree, Dr. Chen stayed at BYU for five years as an Immunology instructor.

She then conducted cancer research for ten years before deciding to dedicate her life to the prevention of disease rather than searching for a cure.

The research performed by Dr. Chen and the team of talented scientists and researchers she leads is motivated by the idea that it is better to prevent disease than to cure it.

The science of Nutritional Immunology is based on the idea that by harnessing the power of plant nutrients to fortify the immune system, we can all lead long, healthy lives free of sickness and disease.

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Dr. Chen is a truly inspirational scientist, researcher, and pioneer!

Her career started at a very young age and she continues to excel today. From earning her Bachelor's of Science at 19 to leading national health seminars in China, Dr. Jau-Fei Chen has yet to stop leaving her mark.


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One of Dr. Chen's passions is speaking to large crowds about the science of Nutritional Immunology. As a pioneer in this budding science, she is constantly researching and sharing her knowledge with her colleagues and the public.

If you want to learn more, watch this one-hour Introduction to Nutritional Immunology video from Dr. Jau-Fei Chen herself!


Dr. Chen appeared on ChannelNews Asia to discuss the benefits of Nutritional Immunology and the importance of protecting your immune system.

Her one hour talk discusses the importance of eating a diet rich in antioxidants, phytochemicals, and polysaccharides. Dr. Chen also explains the benefits of Nutritional Immunology in your life and the impacts it has on the future health of the world.